We’re changing the game when it comes to visual storytelling by bringing back traditional 2d animation, original music, and beautiful soundtracks for all kinds of projects.
Our beautifully handcrafted animation + sound videos are perfect for anyone who is looking for music videos, sequences for films, ad campaigns, and advertising.
Meet my collaborator:
Behrooz Zandi 
Behrooz Zandi is a musician from Tehran, Iran.
Raised in Iran, he familiarized himself with middle eastern modal music by playing the Tar, a traditional instrument, before moving to Malaysia to study animation and eventually working as a music composer in the audio-visual industry, where he found his true passion in electronic music. With over eight years of experience in the global advertising industry, Behrooz has provided scores for brands such as Toyota, McDonald, Honda, and Dettol, across Southeast Asia, Middle Eastern Europe, the USA, and Canada.
As a musical artist, He is actively releasing music in the downtempo and organic house scene in Europe, blending electronic music with organic elements of ethnic nature, Behrooz music aims to trigger a sense of visual perception to the listener, where sounds take roles as characters interacting with each other to tell a story.
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