Running Time: 5 minutes, 32 seconds
Directed By: Karla Caprali
Written By: Karla Caprali
Produced By: Andrew Gillman
Music by Jesse Katz
Production Company: A.S.E. Animation Studios
Edited by: Karla Caprali
Animation and Art by: Karla Caprali
South of 5th is a 5-minute animated short documentary that showcases interviews with Miami's pioneer art dealer Barbara Gillman, a long-time Miami Beach resident. She and her family saw the changes in her neighborhood through different times over the thirties, forties, and fifties. Barbara Gillman was one of the first female gallery owners in Miami and the first art dealer to bring Andy Warhol to exhibit at the Lowe Art Museum. She has represented many nationally known artists such as James Rosenquist, Nam June Paik, and Herman Leonard. The documentary shows a part of two interviews recorded in 2013 that were found recently by her family to be part of this documentary. 
In the recordings, she tells us candid stories of her childhood at 327 Jefferson Avenue, and her love for the beach at a time when Miami Beach's Jewish residents were only allowed to live in properties south of 5th. These were her last interviews
before she was diagnosed with dementia.
South Of 5th is a project made thankfully with the help of the Oolite Arts, The City Of Miami Beach, the Miami Design and Preservation League, Close-Up Productions, and The Lynn and Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation.
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